About us

Working with us should make your life easier.

Our goal is to offer our clients valuable sourcing services and to help them efficiently produce products that are of value to them and to their end customers.

We are specialized in low cost country sourcing and product development. We help companies develop and manufacture products that strengthen their position in the market by reducing production costs and by customizing products that increase their brand value. With 20 years of experience; Stilisti AB is today a market leader in the industry of product customization.

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  • Founded in 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Ownership structure: Family owned
  • Offices
    • Head office and Showroom: Stockholm, Sweden
    • Sourcing and Buying office: Hong Kong, China
    • Inspection and Quality control office: Ningbo, China
  • Markets of operation: Worldwide
  • Clients: Companies and organizations that continuously use products in their sales and/or marketing; examples are retail and mail-order companies, online retailers, publishing houses and trademark holders
  • Product-range: All type of retail merchandise including promotional items, packaging, toys, accessories, make-up, interior design, household utensils and gadgets