What can we do for you?

Design, promotion or wholesale; We can support you with all the steps to a finished product. Our project managers are good listeners and will follow your requirements by heart. We make sure all aspects of your brand will be sustainably followed through when it comes to everything from choice of materials, code of conduct and ESG policies, to production quantities and brand guidelines.

Do you need to move your products to the next level?

We can help you with development and production of your branded products, from material selection to design suggestions. We have expertise in both developing products and packaging. Are you happy with the product you already have? Great! We can still help you with the production and the quality control without making any changes.

Maybe you’re launching a new product category?

Are you about to launch a new product category? Or are you running dry of ideas? We assist you with new products ideas specific to your needs and wants. Our team can be involved from the design-stage all the way through to finding the right factory, sampling, testing, production, inspection, transport & delivery to your warehouse.

We can be your product development partner.

Do you have your own brand and/or are you thinking about a new campaign? We can help you with both. We assist you with sourcing, safe productions and best option with those parameters in focus. We extend and supply you with all knowledge and contacts to make your campaign and brand strong.

Outsource your production to us.

Let us do the entire job, we will act as your extended product and buying team. Even if you already have a purchasing department in-house, we can complement and support them to achieve more and expand your company faster.

Information about the products we develop and source