We take responsibility for our productions.

With our network of over 200 production partners around the world, we make sure to help you find the best production facility that suits your corporate and product requirements. Most important of all, we take the responsibility to make the right choices with the intention to make your work easier and your production sustainable with as little negative imprint on our planet as possible.

  • We always make sure that our products meet all obligatory quality standards.
  • Our long collaboration with the testing institutes and our rigid testing procedures ensure both the material composition and function of product and packaging.
  • Before your order ships out, we always send our own QC inspector to the factory for quality check.

To ensure the right quality, all products will run through a meticulous product quality process;

  • Product design and functionality.
  • Optimization of product (material / quality / price / functionality / packaging).
  • Material and production approval sampling.
  • Quality control standard setting.
  • On site product control – standard AQL but also full inspection if needed.
  • Production sample.
  • Laboratory testing of materials, products and functionality.
  • All certificates that are obligatory for the indicated product and import market.

All to ensure that the product meets our customers’ different market & product requirements.

We care about the environment and the workers.

Our 200+ production partners cover a wide range of products. Our team will make both notified and unannounced visits in the factories. During the visits they check the quality of the goods but also ensures that factory complies to their environmental responsibility and follow up our Code of Conduct.

We always choose the greenest option we can.

With our knowledge about materials we will suggest you use a more environmentally friendly alternative when its possible. Many materials today can easily be replaced with a better option. We can guide you to the best composition for both your product and the environment.