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Import is important

Low-cost country sourcing (LCCS) is an efficient way of reducing procurement costs. Global sourcing initiatives and programs form a vital part of the strategic sourcing plan and procurement strategy of the majority of companies today in order to cut operating expenses and increase profits.

However, developing the product and sourcing the best factory to produce it is not an easy task. Stilisti AB helps you every step of the way, our team offers:

  • A dedicated team that works in your interest and leads your project
  • Extensive experience of all aspects of the process and industry
  • Wide-ranging know-how about product design and manufacturing
  • Our own employees in place during various stages of the production
  • A large network of factories in low-cost production countries such as China

We are specialists in all steps of low-cost country sourcing,
our services include:

  • Sourcing of factories
  • Product development and production
  • Test reports and certificates
  • Independent factory/product inspections
  • Vessel-booking
  • Customs clearance
  • Monitoring of shipment processes
  • Packing and mass distribution solutions

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