What you import is important

Each item we develop is unique. We customize every project and product to the special need of each customer. The design process is the most complex part in the process. It is the first brick that will determine what your house will look like and how stable it will be.

Key factors in our design process:

  • Price/Value
  • Focus on cost reduction in the design and manufacturing process
  • Design and functional requirements
  • Level of quality, specific standards
  • Packing solutions
  • Environmental standards and special demands

We have had the privilege to experience many different types of customers and products over the years. Most items that we today see as ordinary and simple were once innovative and groundbreaking. We love innovation and we are happy to help you make your idea into reality. No matter if it is a simple standardized product that you are interested in; or if it is a completely new innovation that you are seeking a patent for – we will help you make it.

Product categories:

  • Subscription gifts and cover mounts
  • Merchandising; peripheral products
  • Products for store campaigns; Collect & Get, Buy & Get!
  • Promotional items; profile products and give-aways
  • Retail products sold in stores; basic assortment and seasonal items
  • New innovations; patent-pending objects
  • Packaging

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