How you import is important

We innovate. Every product we produce is customized. We help you come up with product ideas, sketches, dummies and prototypes as well as artworks and packaging solutions.

Project leadership:
We understand the importance of an experienced and detail oriented project leader, who is able to translate the client’s needs into a tailor-made solution. You are always taken cared of by a dedicated project leader when you start a project with us.

We are specialized in many different types of production. Each item is unique and so is the way it is produced. We always aim to find the most time and cost efficient way of producing each product.

Our purchasing strategy is different depending on the customer. We always evaluate the customer’s expectations in relation to what is available in the market. We use our best judgment to select a factory that can deliver in accordance with the customer’s requirements regarding product quality, price, delivery schedule and social responsibility.

Quality Control
We aim to achieve quality in everything we do. We perform lab tests and inspections on a regular basis in order to ensure that the products and production meet our standards. In addition to third party inspections performed by testing institutes such as SGS we also send our own specialists for regular unannounced quality controls.

We have spent years developing the reliable and cost-effective system of logistical solutions that we are able to offer our customers today. Our focus lies on being both cost- and time efficient.

Environment and Ethics
Throughout the design and purchasing process we always have the environment of both our planet and the factories’ workers in mind. Our aim is to continuously improve working standards in the factories and to have the least possible impact on the environment.

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